In the world of Utopia there exist certain individuals who possess supernatural abilities. Dubbed a “Frenzy” by the general public at the time of their discovery, these abilities gave rise to a rash of super powered crimes and vigilantes. The world’s governments came to a general consensus that these people needed to be controlled. So the Frenzy Guilds were established, a sort of super powered police force that were intended to keep Frenzy criminals in line. Nowadays they handle quests into the dangerous wilderness and have mostly replaced the normal police as crimestoppers. Our story follows two roommates, Jeff Dougherty and Yang Tao, who join the local Frenzy Guild in Central City, and discover that being a superhero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.



Jeff Dougherty
Frenzy: Superstrength/Kinetic Resistance


Jeff is the middle child of seven siblings and always felt out of place in his family of geniuses. His talents lay in more physical pursuits, like martial arts and sports, and while his parents tried to celebrate his accomplishments, Jeff has always felt like he disappointed them. When his Frenzy manifested at the age of 16, Jeff decided to join the Frenzy Guild as a crime fighter. Jeff is brave and slightly idealistic, always trying to do the right thing no matter what. He has a rather straightforward way of thinking that many view as simple, but he is by no means stupid. Generally optimistic and friendly, he seems an odd match for the taciturn Tao, but the two work together extremely well as friends and as a team.

Yang Tao Frenzy: Telekinesis/Telepathy

Yang Tao
Frenzy: Telekinesis/Telepathy


Tao does not talk about his past much, and those who ask are usually fixed with a blank stare. What is known is that he does not appear to have any family, and he is an unusually powerful psionic. He speaks Chi’ang and Anglish fluently, which lead many to believe he is a native of Chi’ang who immigrated to Ursa. Tao is quiet and deliberate, and a slight pessimist. (Though he would label himself as a realist.) He met Jeff Dougherty under mysterious circumstances, and the two have a close friendship. Tao is not much of a fighter but he will see a job through to the end, no matter what, and he has a surprisingly brutal side if a person he cares for is injured.



Lyla Takahashi:
Frenzy: Martial Art Proficiency/Superfast Reflexes


The no-nonsense second in command of Delta Team, Lyla treats criminals without mercy, and anyone who breaks the rules is likely to end up on the receiving end of her martial arts. Lyla usually seems very cold and standoffish, but underneath it she is quite warmhearted. She tends to make snap judgements about people and will rarely change her mind.



Amy Burns:
Frenzy: Sorcerer (Modus: Staff)


A young mage from a long line of magic users, Amy is still very young and her spells can be unpredictable, sometimes blowing up in her face. But she tries hard and looks up to Lyla, her mentor, who is teaching her to the best of her ability. Amy is bubbly and cheerful, always trying her best no matter how many times her spells fail. She usually butts heads with Louis because he doesn’t believe in magic, but she holds no bad feelings towards him besides frustration. She is very attached to her hat.


Hunter Torres
Frenzy: Bionic (Modus: Cybernetic Armor)


When he was young Hunter was in what should have been a fatal car accident. However, his father, a leading robotics scientist, saved his son’s life by infusing him with nanomachines and replacing lost limbs with robotic ones. Unbeknownst to Hunter’s father, the AI of the tech developed a strong mental bond with the young panther and became a sort of guardian, reacting to outside threats by generating a cybernetic suit of armor. Hunter joined the Guild for the same reason as Jeff: He wanted to be a superhero. Hunter is cocky and thinks of himself as the team ace. He likes to pick on Louis, but only because he gets a reaction from him.



Louis Abernathy
Frenzy: Sorcerer (Modus: Book)


After finding an ancient tome of magic in an abandoned house, Louis became bound to the book and as such became a sorcerer. The only problem? He doesn’t believe in magic. As a man of science, Louis spends most of his time trying to disprove his own spells. It doesn’t usually work. Louis joined the Frenzy Guild after a spell went awry and he was told it was either join the guild and work off the damages or go to jail. An albino, Louis is used to the ridicule of others, and this has likely contributed to his sarcastic and highly acidic nature. He tolerates his teammates, though Hunter usually gets on his nerves, and is the main long range fighter of the team.