Six panels wow. And Mask Guy has a name! Who put him in charge???

I should probably add Max to the character page, but I think I’ll wait to add all of his information until we actually see him in action.

Alright, this will be explained at some point but for now I’ll do my best: The Frenzy Guild, being so large, divides its members into teams/squads. Teams can be anywhere from 2-10 members, but the average is around five or six. Each squad has a captain, who is usually the strongest member, and they appoint a lieutenant to help them. The squads are usually assigned to certain parts of the city, sort of like cops, but they can be summoned to any crisis or emergency situation as needed. Right now, in Central, there are twelve squads. Max is the captain of Delta Squad, which…kinda has a reputation, but we’ll get to that later. Suffice to say, Max is pretty important around here, but not important enough to keep himself out of prison.