Welcome to Tomix Comics!

I got the idea for Tomix while my family was bowling, and my little brother (I should probably stop calling him little, he’s got at least six inches on me) kept bothering me, stealing my shoes, my wallet, and other such things. In a fit of all-consuming rage, I drew a comic in my sketchbook about Tom bowling and getting a gutterball. This was, in fact, the very first Tomic. Since then I’ve drawn many, many, MANY, others, and eventually I was encouraged to start a website for them. At the same time, however, I started work on Utopic Frenzy, a story I had gotten the idea for a few years ago but had never had a really definite storyline. The main character was much different and it was more like a written out JRPG. For various reasons, I scrapped it. I realized, however, that my two favorite characters from the original were Jeff and Tao, and so I figured I might as well build the story around them. Once I did that it became a lot easier. I still don’t know for sure how far I can go with Utopic Frenzy, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can, and I have some other ideas I want to try as well.

Thank you very much for checking out Tomix Comics and I hope you enjoy the ride, I’ll be posting comics on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with Tomix on Monday, Utopic Frenzy on Wednesday, and alternating between the two on Friday, depending on what I have done. (If it’s been a busy week I might just post a sketch or two on Friday, but you’ll definitely have an update then)